Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Rail fare hikes are unfair and unwise

Rail fares are going up again, the latest in a series of unfair and unnecessary price hikes to hit commuters. Some routes in the London region will go up by a staggering 13% in January 2012. That follows an average rise across the country of 8% at the start of this year.

UK rail passengers already pay some of the highest fares in Europe. Under successive governments, we've seen public transport fares increase while services have failed to improve.

The Leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas MP said: "Trains are absolutely crucial to our economy, for creating a greener and more sustainable transport network, and for reducing inequality through improving the mobility of those on lower incomes. Yet for many, travelling by train has already become an expensive luxury. The government must urgently recognise that these relentless price hikes are having a serious effect on people's quality of life, and focus investment now to deliver affordable train travel for all."

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