Thursday, 18 August 2011

Out on the streets of Highgate with the Camden Greens

It was great to be out on the streets of Highgate last night and this morning. We had a strong team of canvassers despite the rain and an excellent response on the doorsteps - even on Ed Miliband's road! People are clearly worried about threats to community policing in the light of the riots and they're concerned about the cuts that the coalition government and Camden's Labour-run council are imposing.

The Greens are strongly in favour of properly resourced community policing because that's what works. Police officers on foot and on bike, who know their own patch and the people who live in it, are the best chance we have of safe streets. We think Safer Neighbourhood Police Teams are the one big success of policing over the last ten years. It's crazy that some SNTs are being cut back and we'll fight hard to protect the SNT in Highgate.

We also don't think frontline services have to be cut back as much as the hatchet job that the Labour group in Camden has been responsible for. Look at Brighton, which is run by the Greens. Funding for libraries, play groups and community centres is not being slashed in Brighton as it is in Camden.

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